something is singing inside.... the inner voices, the songs are singing inside

Friday, May 25, 2012

Too much Grammar

Oyinbo grammar na im dey cause palava,
Na grammar trouble we dey o,
Grammar don take-over;
Bifor you talk small thin for mouth,
Na so you go dey hear:
Rationalization, development plan,
Commercialization, conditionalities,

Na soso grammar, oyinbo too much.
Anytime we get big problem,
Na so dem dey scatter de grammar,
Make you lef de grammar o,
Whosai, dem no go gree:
Mobilization, Trade liberalization,
Restructuring nko?

Kai! Dem jus dey pepper de grammar,
But, e dey sweet dem for mouth sha,
Dis grammar sef, see how dem dey twist am:
Promissory notes, Privatisation, Debt rescheduling.

Na so dem dey run from de problem,
Problem come borku, grammar borku.
Dis grammar sef don dey block my ear o,
But man never belleful sha,
Grammar no fit belleful us o,

E blow all de grammar wey dey for dico finis,
Chineke! Dem just dey pieces de grammar,
Food too dey cost, grammar borku:
Dat one na consumer’s Resistance,
Abi na Buyer’s market?

Ba turanchi, na chop I wan chop.
pickins nefer go school
Oyinbo grammar don dey too much o!
Make we siddon tackle de problem,
Comot hand for de yeye grammar,
My broda, all de one wey you talk so
Nefer reach us o;
Remember say man must wack,
Grammar without action na one kain wahala.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salute the Cloth

Salute! – salute the power-breeding cloth,
Purchased in any city market;
Government tailors provide buttons and collars,
Salute the cloth
Bought with funds from our public till,
Salute! – salute the power-generating garment.
Attention! – pay attention to the uniform men,
Carrying the almighty – the almighty gun;
Pay attention, when in their consistent manner
They inform you about how they police the nation,
How they police your future.
Obey! – obey all orders,
Because sometimes while policing there is
Little need to be civil,
As stubborn civilians learn
After they have been bloodied.
Obey! – obey, stop and search later for your rights
On the pages of imaginative tabloids,
Obey! when the uniform polices the state.

March! – march with the starched khaki
When they eject ruling rogues
From our public castles,
March! – march with them as they play
Their game of musical chairs
With the looters in Agbada.
Still the fruit of Eden has touched their lips,
And in spite of numerous handovers
The power-breeding cloth intends to stay!