something is singing inside.... the inner voices, the songs are singing inside

Monday, February 14, 2011

Azania Calls

Take me !
Take me to rivers and oceans,
Take me to the Nile,
So I may fill my belly
and rinse my body in African waters.

Lead me!
Lead me to mountains and hills,
Lead me to Kilimanjaro,
So I may feed my eyes
On the vast riches of Africa.

Take me!
Take me to deserts,
Take me to Sahara,
So, that my feet may dance to the beat of the burning African soil.

Lead me!
Lead me to Soweto and Alexandria,
Lead me to Azania,
Lead me to where our captured land and stolen gold and enslaved brethren wait for me,

Lead me!
For I have swam in whale-eating oceans,
I have climbed sky-kissing mountains,
I have walked on fire-burning deserts,
Take me ! lead me !
Azania calls

Brain Wetin?

Weder na pain or na gain
Abi na drain or train
Dem say na only person
Wey get brain
Go gain

But answer me!
Before I give you pain:
You don see somebody
Wey no get brain?

Wen you put leg
For de train
Dem go talk say you no patriotic
You no love your contri.
But wetin man pickin go do
Afta oga saboteur
Don spoil contri finis?

Dem call am brain drain
Becos you tire for chain of
Waka waka unemploy.

Brain wetin?
Dat one na foul!
Make you lef de people
Wey get chance
Make dem go service dem brain
For place where
respect dey for brain.

Friday, February 4, 2011

An Injury to One

I have sighted the branch,
And I see another,
Many branches – all fathered by the same tree.

Scattered branches,
But do not doubt their strength,
Don’t laugh at the unique  branches,
Who fuse and become one,
Instead pity their common enemy.

The steam-roller churns out messages,
Puffing and puffing,
Steam-rollers threaten,
But, a broken arm helps a maimed leg,
How many loud barks can chain the spirit
Of common purpose?

Puffing, but do you see the dungeons
Decent men are forced to work in?
Puffing, what about the weightless wages
You dole out from your profit mountain?
Still the steam-roller puffs,
And we tighten our bond,
For we must resist the wheel
Of ravenous masters.

Halt the machine !
We will stop the wheels
Of those who
Mix our sweat and blood
To form granite for
The foundation of their country homes.

We will not beg
For what is ours
Which has been taken by force
By the giants of business.

But now,
We will charge ourselves,
Wear our battle fatigue,
March forward
And sing our song:
Together we must come,
Together we must be one.

Bloody Civilian

For de rest of my life e get one night I no go forget,
In Ilorin after our band play finis,
We jus wan drop band members for house o,
Na so soja stop us for Muritala junction,
Dem say our moto no wan stop for dem,
See me trouble!
Bifor I talk one, two, three,
Dey don show say na khaki dey wear
Dem no wan hear any explain,
Kai! Wetin we do?
We dey look oursef like unknown mumu wey don miss road,
Na so we dey hear: “Who dey talk grammar with you?”,
Oga captain dey hala: “Give me my bulala, give me de belt,
Na today you frog jump to Port-Harcourt with immediate effect!”
Fela na you talk say "Uniform na cloth, na tailor dey sew am"
Dem point gun at us, gun  wey dey take our moni buy,
Dem dey kick us like football with de boot
Wey dey take our moni buy,
For dat night my eye clear well, well,
For dat night my human right dey sleep
Whereas man pickin dey suffer,
Dem carri gun so uniform dey talk,
Na for dat night I come sabi
De meaning of BLOODY CIVILIAN!