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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bloody Civilian

For de rest of my life e get one night I no go forget,
In Ilorin after our band play finis,
We jus wan drop band members for house o,
Na so soja stop us for Muritala junction,
Dem say our moto no wan stop for dem,
See me trouble!
Bifor I talk one, two, three,
Dey don show say na khaki dey wear
Dem no wan hear any explain,
Kai! Wetin we do?
We dey look oursef like unknown mumu wey don miss road,
Na so we dey hear: “Who dey talk grammar with you?”,
Oga captain dey hala: “Give me my bulala, give me de belt,
Na today you frog jump to Port-Harcourt with immediate effect!”
Fela na you talk say "Uniform na cloth, na tailor dey sew am"
Dem point gun at us, gun  wey dey take our moni buy,
Dem dey kick us like football with de boot
Wey dey take our moni buy,
For dat night my eye clear well, well,
For dat night my human right dey sleep
Whereas man pickin dey suffer,
Dem carri gun so uniform dey talk,
Na for dat night I come sabi
De meaning of BLOODY CIVILIAN!

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