something is singing inside.... the inner voices, the songs are singing inside

About Inside Singing

Nigeria is not where it should be

Development is a stranger

Growth moves in reverse gear

The environment stinks

Of dashed hopes.

We see pockets of comfort and wealth

Unfulfilled dreams have taken over the landscape

Joblessness roams the land

Poverty is an ever present, unwanted guest striping us bare.

And the desire for understanding is chased out of town.

Troubled youths look for direction.

Elders pray for wisdom.

Most search for answers.

The outside appears bleak.

But there is singing inside.

On the inside there are deep, vast oceans

Of immense love, anger, passion and hope for the country.

Let's talk, sing

about these contradictions

affecting our lives

holding the country down. 

Sing for answers

Sing for better understanding

Sing so that the dreams we hold on to may one day come true.

Nigerians must take their country back

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