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Saturday, December 4, 2010

As We dey watch de News

Na coole for evening so,

We jus dey watch de news,

De thing come happin

Abi you no watch de news?

Kai ! De thing wey dem do no be better o!

Wetin? ! A whole six months?

Come see wahala as we dey watch de news.

No be de news all of us dey watch

Dem show us?

Nat wa o!

We fit see road wen den jus dey off all de light?

Tori change small, tori come dey one kain,

Dem begin beg,

Yeye dey smell,

Dem dey carri apology

Yeye don rotten finis,

Upon all de beg wetin comot?

Apology nko? How far?

I beg comot yeye for my front,

How person go beg

E go come say e no guilty?

Na so we see propa wahala

As we dey watch de news.

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