something is singing inside.... the inner voices, the songs are singing inside

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cacophony in the Dark

All day

all night

I hear the sound

and I try to

block my ears

close my eardrums

from the boom and blare

of the drums and trumpets

hounding my every move

questioning my will to beak free

from the seemingly endless chains.


listen to the strident, halting beat

of merciless drums

churning out the harsh melody

that smashes our calabash

our gourd of peace

housing the fruits and water

That cement our existence.

But the cacophony in us all

hears no voices

but its own.

The loud noise drowns us all

so I must spare my eardrums

from the furious beat of confused sounds;

The naira beats the drum,

the tempting beat tries to cajole me:


move your feet

three– four

shake you waist


to the empty beat.

The assault flows on

like the endless stream

so I try to tune off

from the ruler-merchants

from the soil-traders

from the arms-carriers

even from the book-masters

and the mirror-holders.


we go to school


not to become fools.

Cacophony in the dark

why do you disturb my sleep

with your worn-out tune?

The deafening noise is always so empty..

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