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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Africa get Belle

For our place na good thin

Wen somebody get belle

But dis Africa belle

But dis Africa belle

Don overmature

Na real bad belle

Na wen e go deliver?

Soso famine and kwarshiokor borku

And beggar, beggar contri eferiwhere.

Long, long time after slavery

And efensef colonial master don comot

Still Africa no wan deliver.

Bifor, bifor wen Oyinbo come

Na some Africa man sell dem broda

Again, again dem dey hala for IMF and
Im cousin World Bank.

Dis time dem go blow grammar for UN and OAU

Becos dem be independent contri abi?

But my sista, na all of us sabi say

Na only flag we get:

Our maiguard dey combine with armu robber!

Africa get belle

E don overdue

Belle no wan comot

Na so Africa dey roll for ground

Becos de pain don pass mental:

Africa get belle

Na wen e go deliver?

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