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Monday, February 14, 2011

Azania Calls

Take me !
Take me to rivers and oceans,
Take me to the Nile,
So I may fill my belly
and rinse my body in African waters.

Lead me!
Lead me to mountains and hills,
Lead me to Kilimanjaro,
So I may feed my eyes
On the vast riches of Africa.

Take me!
Take me to deserts,
Take me to Sahara,
So, that my feet may dance to the beat of the burning African soil.

Lead me!
Lead me to Soweto and Alexandria,
Lead me to Azania,
Lead me to where our captured land and stolen gold and enslaved brethren wait for me,

Lead me!
For I have swam in whale-eating oceans,
I have climbed sky-kissing mountains,
I have walked on fire-burning deserts,
Take me ! lead me !
Azania calls

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