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Friday, February 4, 2011

An Injury to One

I have sighted the branch,
And I see another,
Many branches – all fathered by the same tree.

Scattered branches,
But do not doubt their strength,
Don’t laugh at the unique  branches,
Who fuse and become one,
Instead pity their common enemy.

The steam-roller churns out messages,
Puffing and puffing,
Steam-rollers threaten,
But, a broken arm helps a maimed leg,
How many loud barks can chain the spirit
Of common purpose?

Puffing, but do you see the dungeons
Decent men are forced to work in?
Puffing, what about the weightless wages
You dole out from your profit mountain?
Still the steam-roller puffs,
And we tighten our bond,
For we must resist the wheel
Of ravenous masters.

Halt the machine !
We will stop the wheels
Of those who
Mix our sweat and blood
To form granite for
The foundation of their country homes.

We will not beg
For what is ours
Which has been taken by force
By the giants of business.

But now,
We will charge ourselves,
Wear our battle fatigue,
March forward
And sing our song:
Together we must come,
Together we must be one.

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