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Monday, February 14, 2011

Brain Wetin?

Weder na pain or na gain
Abi na drain or train
Dem say na only person
Wey get brain
Go gain

But answer me!
Before I give you pain:
You don see somebody
Wey no get brain?

Wen you put leg
For de train
Dem go talk say you no patriotic
You no love your contri.
But wetin man pickin go do
Afta oga saboteur
Don spoil contri finis?

Dem call am brain drain
Becos you tire for chain of
Waka waka unemploy.

Brain wetin?
Dat one na foul!
Make you lef de people
Wey get chance
Make dem go service dem brain
For place where
respect dey for brain.

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