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Monday, January 24, 2011

Alarm don Blow

Eferi plan don scatter
Katakata jam yamayama
Moto dey boil like
Firewood soup
Molue people dey baff for sweat.
Alarm don blow
For Lagos go slow.

I-go-drive-mysef kiss
De yansh of Eko taxi
Grammar jus fly comot
From eferi corner:
“Gaddem! Nonsense!
I drive in London
Ten years no problem.”
Dem park for road
Dey block eferibodi:
My people, alarm don blow
For Lagos go slow.

Gofment oga wan go airport
Na so alarm come blow
Becos all road don close.
I sweat reach bucket for Eko molue
Still oga nefer pass
But sha, after two hour
Siren come blow
And oga fain im way.
Alreadi, alarm don blow
For Lagos go slow.

Hit-and-run driver jam
Person for Eko bridge
Eferibodi dey hala
Some dey do kiss of life
Oders bicom emergency dokita:
Ojuelegba na casualty ward
Eko bridge don bicom moto park.
Alarm don blow
Inside Lagos go slow.

Morning go slow
For Carter bridge
Night go slow
For Mile two
Ikorodu road
Na all weather.
You comot from work:
Go slow
You dey go work:
Go slow
You dey fain job:
Go slow
You dey fain business:
Go slow.

Go slow, go slow
You don go nuclear
Your alarm wan
Blow my ear comot.
Go slow, go slow
Your wahala tire me.

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