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Monday, January 24, 2011

Power Show

The show is on all day,
Power  show, everyday
When the powers flex their muscles.
On busy  Awolowo road,
Or on congested Western avenue,
Sirens signal the presence of the powers,
Road close in the suffocating traffic;
Under the sun that burns.

We watch by-force the convoy-show,
Under the rain that weeps,
We watch by-force the convoy-show,
Unwilling spectators,
We watch free-of-charge the power show.
When we get checked at gun-point,
We watch by-force,
“Too much grammar ‘ will earn you slaps,
And from the mouths of the uniform
Missiles of abuse are sent.

We watch and watch
And watch out for stray bullets,
As we watch by-force,
We watch free-of-charge.
In the elephant-government offices,
In hot rooms
Where air-coolers started their strike
The day after the big office was opened,
Engines are stopped,
As clerks and officers
“Cannot trace crucial files”,
Until Naira is used to power starving engines.
At the ports,
You must go with powerful tradition
And obey ancient customs,
Listen to powers passed down from your fathers,
And you  learn it is bribe-before-service
In their own power show.

The show has power:
“ I will show you who I am,
Don’t you know me ? “
The show is on all day,
Power to the show!

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